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  • Hello,
    at the Moment I'm running a modified firmware on my Duet2, which call's a macrofile (firstLayer.g) when the first Layer is finished. Maybe we can get offical support for that? So I don't have to patch my firmware again and again with every new release 😉 and it is maybe useful for some other users as well?

    But what the hell this is used for?
    I'm using this to setup printing-speeds/temperatures based on my loaded Filament. From the config.g of my filament I'm writing to start.g and firstLayer.g. In start.g I'm setting up printspeed's, bed- and hotend-temperature for the first layer, which I'm printing usually a little bit hotter and slower. When the first layer is finished, my firstLayer.g is called. and from there it sets new speeds, temperatures and also enables the cooling fan(if needed).

    I basically strip all temperature related command's from my slicer's gcode so I don't have to slice model's again when I have to print them from another material.

    I also have a Macro to disable that behavior, just in case I need Slicer-temperature-support, for e.g. a Temp-tower.

    Let me know what you think? Could this be useful for you?

    Cheers Christian

  • most slicers support custom g code at layer height.
    so you could just call your macro firstlayer.g on layer 2
    section Other custom G-Code

  • Yeah, your solution seem's to be more versatile and easier than my.

    Why I havn't thing about that, instead of messing around with the firmware 🤔

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    NASA spent millions of dollars and years of research to develop a pen that writes in zero gravity. The Russians used a pencil. 🤷

  • @phaedrux said in First Layer finished Macro:

    NASA spent millions of dollars and years of research to develop a pen that writes in zero gravity. The Russians used a pencil. 🤷

    Yes it's called a space pen. But it turned out to be one of the best pen's in the World. Many people here on Earth use and like it, including me ;). These pen's are nearly indestructible. It can withstand the harshest conditions you can imagine here on earth and will just work fine.
    So not everytime the simplest solution is the best.
    But in case of this topic, I think we already have a good and reliable solution (as Veti suggested).

    Thank you 🙂

  • @n30dg said in First Layer finished Macro:

    The Russians used a pencil.

    the pencil posed many threats in space i.e. Zero Gravity conditions.

    • The Graphite present in the pencils was prone to cause a disturbance in the electrical conduction of the intricately designed systems.

    • The graphite in the pencils had a tendency to cause explosions or a fire due to the graphite particles.

    • There was also a risk of fire due to the wood or wood particles which is used in these pencils.

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    That joke landed like a Soyuz capsule.

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