better capacitor for servo-induced overtension?

  • Hi,
    I'm trying to control a lw-20mg servo with a duex5 card. I'm getting some over-tension warning (tipically 29/30 V).
    From an old power supply I can get 3 different type of capacitors 220uF 15V, 2200uF 10v, 330uF 200V.
    1- which one is the best for the pourpose?
    2- can I connect the capacitor in a 5Vaux-GND connector next to the one I use for the servo?

  • administrators

    You need to connect the capacitor(s) directly across the motor voltage supply to the servo drivers. Without knowing the characteristics of the servo motors it's not possible to say how much capacitance is needed. If you are getting the problem when you are driving just one servo, then I think you will need at least 1000uF 35V or more.

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