Love-Hate relationship with the duet wifi

  • Ok, first of all, I love my duet wifi! It was not too difficult to set but I did run into some issues that I was able to figure out by using the wiki and reading in the forum before creating an account. I did find it rather frustrating and fun at the same time. I really love that the duet made my Tronxy X5SA sooooo much better in print quality and noise reduction! I have switched everything over to 24V except for the bed. It is still at 12V. Now for the hate part of this relationship. I have 3 other printers that need to have the Duet put in them now! So now I have to figure out how to get them purchased with out the wife knowing!!!!!

    My favorite feature of the Duet wifi is the dual z bed leveling so far. Still working on some fine tuning on it but printing is going well.

  • the duet mastro is a bit cheaper and will do a nice job in most cases.
    plus it has stealthchop2, so its even quieter than the duet wifi.

  • worth mentioning it doesn't have stallguard, but its damn near silent on 24v

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