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  • I notice when i use setting WIPE WHILE RETRACTING in PrusaSlicer 2.0 completion percentage is wrong. I also notice that filament usage in Status tab is not the same as in layer info.

  • There are several threads here regarding the Duet's time estimation. You can search here for 'time estim' (without the quotes).

    IIRC, running the Duet's print simulation before the print improves the estimation.

  • I think it's not the problem with time estimation. Problem is that Duet does not recognize retraction correctly when WIPE WHILE RETRACTING is enabled. I just print a model when completion says 50% but model was at the end of the print

  • 0_1564934989853_retraction.jpg

  • Yes, there is DEFINITELY something WRONG with filament estimating. This job did have wipe on retract checked, in a different slicer.

    I really thought it was a "wait for it to converge" when other people posted. It is not. This job said "n/a" under filament for about 10 hours, then went to ridiculous numbers like shown. And, by the way, it did finish eight or nine minutes after this photo.

    0_1565042374664_IMG_0657 (2).jpeg

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