Another Z probe wiring question.

  • I'm converting one of my Printrbots to a Duet 2 wifi and the last thing to do is the Z probe.
    I've read through the docs and want to clarify some things so I don't fry another board like I did last year.

    My probe is a PNP LJ12A3-4-Z/BY, the diagram shows what I think is a resistor between the GND and signal wire. Is this an inbuilt pull up resistor or do I still need to add one if I go for the second option described?


  • the second option is only for board with revision v1.04 and up.
    Is that true for your case?

  • Yes, my board is rev 1.04b.

    So i still need to add a 10k resistor regardless of whatever that is in the diagram?

  • yeah, for a pnp sensor you need a (10k) pull down resistor regardless of board version.

  • Solved: I wired up as per the second diagram since I have a new revision of the Duet WIFI so the z probe in is ok with 12v

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