Ignore G28/G29 if axis homed and mesh loaded

  • Hallo together,

    is there a way, to ignore a G28 and a G29 command, when all axis are already homed and the mesh is loaded successfully?

    If i finish a print i just run a M81 S1 to turn PS_ON off, when the hotend reaches a cooler temperature.
    When i am going to print another print directly after the last one, i manually force the temperatures to the printing temperatures and choose the next gcode.
    But then the G28 and G29 are unnecessary and i dont wont to edit the gcode manually every time.
    Especially the mesh-leveling takes time on a 400x400 bed with enough mesh points. And the nozzle just juices little drops of filament over the bed again.


  • @timon321 Doesn't M81 S1 also turn off the stepper motors? That makes the board not know where the axes are.

  • No. The M81 S1 doesnt turn off the steppers. Not until the PS_ON really turns off.

  • conditional g code is not part of the duet yet.

  • I use start.g to house all the pre-print preparations. It runs before any of the sliced gcode file. That way if I ever need to skip the prep I can just rename start.g to start.bak. It's a little quicker than editing out the slicer start code from the gcode file.

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