PanelDue on LPC/ReArm

  • I understood that PanelDue would work with different controllers. I am trying to get a 7" PanelDue 3.0 to work with the LPC port on a ReArm.

    I am connected via the 4-wire cable to the proper connections. Unit was working with Duet Wifi previously.

    When the power comes on, the PanelDue will say 'Connecting' and remain like that.

    The USB connection from the controller will error out as well.

    I have tried to configure the serial ports in config.g via -

    M575 P0 B115200 S1                       ; Board Serial Port
    M575 P1 B115200 S1                       ; Enable PanelDue

    but it does not seem to work. I am not sure if I should be using S0 or S1 for these.

    I did have this set before for LCD functionality, but have since commented it out. Should I be using this too?

    ; set input-output to Marlin for compatibility
    ; M555 P2

    I think the Panelduel is FW version 1.17 (need to dbl check) but its not current. I am wondering if it might be FW related too.

    Any thoughts or tips?

  • You have set the PanelDue to match the 115200 baud rate? I think the default is 57600 for PanelDue.

  • i tried it with both. currently at 57600 on P1-
    M575 P0
    SENDING:M575 P0
    Channel 0: baud rate 115200, does not require checksum
    M575 P1
    SENDING:M575 P1
    Channel 1: baud rate 57600, requires checksum

    i am starting to wonder about 5V supply on the board

  • @sinned6915 said in PanelDue on LPC/ReArm:

    i tried it with both. currently at 57600 on P1-

    you can check what the PanelDue is set to on its settings or configuration screen btw.

  • Turns out it was voltage related.

    M122 showed last reset was due to power switch or brown out.

    After changing the voltage supply, the unit comes on and communicates correctly.

    Now i have other things to chase down -

    alt text

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