Panel Due 7i Cooling?

  • Can the PD7i be fully enclosed, except for cable exits without heat issues. Does it need auxillary cooling in this case (pun not intended).

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    I think that should be OK. The 7i draws about 2.5W of power, which I think it should be able to lose via the screen without getting too hot.

    Is there a reason why you don't want to include ventilation holes?

  • I was looking at an existing low profile design enclosure that had no venting, but I've found a derivative design that includes venting, but not low profile. Ten minutes with Tinkercad and I now have a low profile design with venting. It's on the printer, as I write.

    I also did want to know the details about cooling for general reference. This is a Voron build I'm working on, and the PD7i sits just in front of the front door of a heated chamber, so I was concerned about originally having no cooling. Now, with the added vents to the enclosure I'm using, and from your comments, I will assume all is fine.

    Thanks for your help.

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