4 lights: 3 red + 1 green with nothing connected at all

  • With absolutely nothing plugged in to my Duet Wifi except the USB from my computer, I'm getting 3 red + 1 green.

    Troubleshooting so far includes things found here- https://duet3d.com/wiki/What_to_do_if_your_Duet_or_Duet_WiFi_won%27t_respond:

    • Erase and reset

    • Removing SD, replacing DuetWiFiFirmware.bin, and re-inserting SD card

    • Confirming port points to Duet 3D Printer Electronics(COM11) and not Bossa

    • Connecting via Repetier and attempting to send M997 S0:1:2 (with no apparent response)

    • Attempting to connect via Pronterface, but never seeing it connect, either

    • Rinse and repeat sending M997 S0 by itself, no go

    The DIAG light remains stubbornly on, nothing I seem to do makes any impact, and I can not update anything.

    Your guidance is appreciated.

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    It's normal for the diag led to be on because it uses the same port as the Z probe control signal.

    If the port is showing up as a Duet 3D then it should be able to connect using Pronterface. Are you selecting COM11 within Pronterface before you press Connect?

  • Thank you.
    Yes, I am choosing the correct port before attempting to connect.

    I'm not sure I understand the importance of the diag light and z probe, as I literally have nothing at all connected to the board- no steppers, no thermister, no probe, only the USB cord plugged in.

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    1. If the SD card can't be read then there may be a minute or two between the Duet starting up and being able to connect with Pronterface.

    2. Did you edit config.g on the SD card to comment out the M552 S1 command in config.g, to prevent the wifi module starting up? If not, please do so.

    1. When I get home tonight, I'll give the board a bit of time before attempting to connect with Repet/Pronter. My laptop has no issue with reading the card, but I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything for the board.

    2. I have commented M552 S1, yes.

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    It may also be worth trying a new USB cable. Also bear in mind that a laptop may not provide sufficient USB power for the board if you are not providing VIN power.

  • I thought of that, and have swapped between my Anker aftermarket cable and the one that came with my Samsung Note. I'll also try on a different laptop tonight, so I'll have additional USB options.

    I thought I had read somewhere not to connect 12V power during the setup phase? I can wire that up tonight, as well.

    Would connecting the steppers or thermistor help, hinder, or have any influence on this process at all?

  • Alright. So far tonight I have done the Fallback procedure #3, then reset and attempted to connect via Pronterface, which didn't work.

    I unplugged and plugged back in, waited about 5 minutes, and ran Pronterface as Administrator, and still can't connect. It just reads "Connecting…" and never anything else.

    I'm connected in Pronterface!

    And now this:

    Printer is now online.
    >>> M552 S1
    SENDING:M552 S1
    WiFi server starting up
    DuetWiFiServer version 1.02
    Flash size 4194304, free RAM 31504 bytes, WiFi Vcc 3.35V, host name: duetwifi, reset reason: Turned on by main processor
    WiFi server connected to access point ANetworkOfIceAndFire, IP=, signal strength=-44dBm

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Now, to get Paneldue going…

  • Should the DAIG light still be on, or that just one of those things while connected only to USB power?

    Also, should the blue light for the wifi be on all the time? It was lit up, and now it's not, but I'm still connected and getting real-time readings on the thermistor I hooked up.

  • Panel Due 4.3 connected and reporting temps…that was easy following your directions here:

    Again, thank you, thank you!

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