Need help with getting prints to not crash

  • I have all my axes setup good and firmware working. I can autohome fine. When I use simplify3D to slice and gcode, it crashes the hotend to the plate. Any thoughts on how I can fix it?

  • Check what is being written under the "scripts" tab for the "Process" in S3D. I had to write an entirely new script for mine.

  • What did you put in there? I tried some different things.

  • What is your printer? Try putting in nothing more than G28 in your start script. You will then have to set the temperatures from the web interface. Note that when you change the process the profile will change to "modified" and in order to save it you must click update profile or save as new. My start script is specific to my machine/process. Also you can write gcode commands for moving, priming, and wiping the nozzle as well as setting the center of the build plate. Look at what G92 does.

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