Noob ignorance! Posting pic?

  • I apologize for this in advance. I'm fairly new to forums like this….I want to post pictures of my prints since my phone can take pictures in 4k, I'd like to take close ups of my prints because I'm still getting issues, that I suspect are from effector tilt, however I'd like a more experienced opinion on it.

    How do I post pictures? Or if they are too high of resolution to post here what should I use to post links. The only thing I know it is uploading it to my Google Drive or Dropbox and posting a link to do other's do this?

  • Use and copy the raw link the the image after upload.

  • administrators

    Or you can host the images on dropbox, but when pasting the link in this forum, replace "?dl=0" at the end of the link by "?raw=1".

  • +1 for postimage

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