Printbite and dc42 IR Sensor (2019)

  • Hello,

    im currently using an highly modified Wanhao Duplicator i3 and have an Printbite + surface wich is put directly on the Aluminium of the Heatbed.
    Also im using the DC42 IR Sensor and both together are still working fine for me. I have the clear-mat-grid version, and am avoiding the grid when doing auto mesh bed leveling.

    But in a few weeks I will switch to the new Ender 5 Plus. and I have to buy an new Print-Surface. So there are options like an Wham Bam Clone (or Original) or to buy Printbite + again. Most Mods (Duet Wifi, TitanAero, Volcano ...) will be moved over to the Ender 5 Plus.

    So there are a few threads (from 2018 and 2017) in the Forum where people seemingly have problems with Printbite and the IR sensor.

    So my question is: Have you, DC42 got the new batches form Printbite and tested them with the IR Sensor?
    And if I buy Printbite again, should I stay with the clear version (no grid this time), or should I rather get the black version of Printbite; wich version has the higher chance for success with your IR Sensor?

    Or are you people recommending rather going to PEI or similar because its maybe better compared to Printbite?
    Or maybe is the IR-Sensor no longer the best option and I simply should use the included BL-Touch?

    I would really like to hear what you guys think!

  • I have the older "beige" color and it didn't work well with the IR sensor. I'm sure @dc42 will weigh in when he has a chance but I'd think the black matte surface would give the best/most consistent results.
    I would think that a clear material would create too much opportunity for reflections from the top surface as well as the bed especially if the adhesive isn't perfectly bonded to the bed in placed. On the other hand, it worked for you previously.

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