Duetwifi puzzle

  • After taking my Duetwifi based CR1 to a reprap meetup... where I never got the chance to even plug it in...
    I got it home and plugged it in and when I turned it on it is not acting right at all...
    It does not show any temp readings from the tcs, it does not control the steppers at all. All the leds light up ok as does the blue wifi LAN light but it never connects to the LAN. Fans seem to work but there's no control on the screen, no macros, no files to print...yet I verified everything is on the sad card. All the connections look ok. It seem so be acting like it has no sd card. The card checked out fine.
    The only thing different in my shop is another Duetwifi which I have already connected to the LAN once while building the new machine.
    Any ideas????

  • @Andy-Cohen
    I went to my desktop and looked... after all the LAN light stopped flashing...
    Sure enough the printer and the Duetwifi are working fine.
    Seems the problem is the Paneldue. The cable checked out fine. Anybody see a paneldue fail like this?

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    What exactly do you see on the PanelDue? What version of PanelDue is it? How is it connected?

  • It's a 5i. The normal ui is displayed sans macros and it will not show the gcode files onboard the duet. The onscreen controls do not do anything and it does not show that it connected via wifi... even though the duet does connect. Works the same for both type of cable. Weird. Not sure what version it is, but when I swapped it out with a new 7i(that belongs to the toolchanger im building) the 7i works fine. There's nothin physical such as a disturbed ribbon cable, that I can see.

  • !!&%!(!&
    I was able to infer what the problem was by reading what dc45 wrote about the panel due in other posts.
    Turns out someone mucked with my baud rate setting. !%^$!#@&^$

    So for those who are having the same problem as i described above...

    CHECK YOUR BAUD RATE SETTING It can't be higher then 57600.

    Be careful about bringing things to show at meet ups!!!

  • @Andy-Cohen said in Duetwifi puzzle:

    Be careful about bringing things to show at meet ups!!!

    but you said you never even plugged your printer in.

  • @Veti yup... but I cannot figure out any other way it got changed. Cosmic ray?

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