Upgrading a Kossel Pro to Duet WiFi

  • Hi,

    I am not electronics savvy - my expertise lies elsewhere, and have been reading up just about everything I can before my Duet WiFi board arrives. It was ordered last Friday, 31st March. However, I am still confused by the PT100 mother board. Should I have one or not? It is not clear in the instructions so I started reading DC42's Precision Kossel log. In it he connects a PT100 mother board to the Duet. I am confused because it appears that the Duet has on board connections for a thermistor and thermocouple.

    I am using an E3D v6 hotend with the new heater block and thermistor, a Semitec 104GT. Can this be connected directly to the Duet board?

    Many thanks in anticipation.

  • Duet Wifi only comes with connection for thermistor, if you use thermocouple or PT100 sensor, you will need the respective daughter boards.
    So you are fine with your E3D v6 thermistor.

  • Many thanks - I am sure I will be coming back with a few more questions but at least I don't need to order more bits!!

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