Expanding output current

  • In many threads on 3d printing forums as well as your site, you say that you are working on expanding the current cap coded into the firmware for output current from 2.0A to 2.8A (or something like that). Is there an estimate on when this will happen? I've seen somewhat older posts saying this. I'm currently putting together a large 3D printer using some Nema 23 motors with 2.8A draw each; this board would be perfect for it if that current cap is increased, but I don't want to wait excessively long and not be able to print well until then.
    Any time estimate?


  • administrators

    We're planning a modest increase in the very near future, and a greater increase in firmware 1.19. For Nema 23 motors, 2.3A rated current is a good choice, and is what I am testing with.

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