Need to insert new driver in CoreNG/driver

  • Hi, I am quite new to eclipse. In my project, I am using duet 2 wifi with CAN communication for that I have added can.h and can.c in CoreNG\asf\sam\drivers\can which is compatible with SAM4E8E. But when I build CoreNG with Build Configuration SAM4E8E_RTOS 'can' drivers don't appear in driver list in eclipse. Is there any file in which I need to add any kind of header so that when I build SAM4E8E_RTOS of CoreNG so that 'can' drivers also get compile.

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    If you are trying to use the new RRF3 CAN code on Duet 2, forget it. The SAM4E8E only supports basic CAN, not CAN-FD. There are big differences, in particular CAN supports a maximum of 8 bytes per packet, but CAN-FD supports 64.

    PS - to get Eclipse to compile files that you added outside of Eclipse, right click on the project in Eclipse and click Refresh.

  • Yes, refreshing eclipse solved my problem. I am trying to use basic CAN communication with SAM4E8E. Thanks a lot.

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