Dates for D3 expansion boards?

  • I've decided to put my Duet3 (6HC) in a CoreXY with tri-screw bed and four toolchangers. This involves quite a bit more than six drivers. The specific one I'm building is the Jubilee. It is relatively new to the scene; I picked it because I'm impressed with Joshua's goals/objectives and with the available documentation.


    Given that you folks are about to go to a big show where you will be asked the same question:

    • Any anticipated dates on the 3-channel expander?
    • Any anticipated dates on the tool board?

    I'm interested in both.

    And a question not for the show:

    • Any chance of an early release program for the above, oriented toward those of us who pre-ordered?


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    @Danal Thanks for putting Jubilee on my radar. Very nice.

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