Duet 2 Wifi Anycubic Preditor

  • Hi Everyone well I have installed a BLTouch on my any cubic predator as I gave up with the infrared sensor

    Now I have recognized a huge problem if I probe the bed in different locations manually it works fine and the readings are not far out but if I start at a set height in the middle of the bed and move to any corner I crash into the bed so the nozzle height seams to lower any direction I go making it impossible to do a calibration and print now this worked fine on the original board so i am thinking it has to be a setting can anyone tell me can this be a configuration problem for example if the stepper motors settings were incorrect as I am baffled now

  • Have you done a auto calibration on it and if so what S parameter did you use for the number of factors?

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    @kenbigt, to run auto calibration when the calibration is a long way out (as yours is), temporarily increase the dive height as explained on the wiki page covering auto calibration.

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