Bltouch and servo

  • Is it possible to use a bltouch for z probe and adding another servo to unused pin?
    I want to design a changing tool and want to use a servo for a locking device.
    I have a duet wifi without expansion board or paneldue.
    Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    If you had a Duex5 you would see that it has 5 PWM capable connections which can used for servos.

    The signal for those 5 are on the Duet expansion connector but I do not know the actual pin numbers.

    The signal is shared with heaters 3,4,5,6,7.


  • administrators

    Yes, you can control a servo from any unused heater signal on the expansion connector.

  • thanks, as soon as i have the connection scheme i'll ask for a feedback

  • I forgot to ask if the laser can also be controlled by the duet wifi board (in addition to the bltouch and servo) without the use of an expansion board.
    Maybe using:

    • Bed haeter (i don't have it) for laser
    • Heater7/PWM5 for servo
    • Heater1 beacause (i have only one hotend) for BLtouch

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