Discrete Drive Control to purge Idle Extruder before Tool Change

  • Hi, fellow Duet users,

    Just curious: is there a way to control individual drives via GCode?

    Here's my main use case:

    In a multitool setup, individual drive control would enable purging an idle extruder before invoking a tool change. Unfortunately, the toolchange macros don't easily afford this since the tool isn't specified until after tpreX.g, and tool offsets are already applied in tpostX.g. Trying to do any purge commands in tpreX.g throws an error: Attempting to extrude with no tool selected.

    It would be convenient if the extruder drives were mapped to the extruder before tpreX.g. That way we could purge the extruder before actually doing the pickup move in tpreX.g.

    My current hack is to basically leave tpreX.g blank and do both the tool purge and pickup entirely in tpostX.g, but I need to prefix all movement commands with G53 because tool offsets are applied in tpostX.g.

    Thanks for taking a look!

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    @poofjunior I do my move out in TpostN.g and use G53 to ensure the move out can use the same coordinate system as TpreN.g

    That means you can extrude in TPost to purge before you move out.

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