Stepper motor tuning

  • Can someone tell me the proper procedure for setting speed and acceleration settings in config.g? Speed for X and Y were at 9000mm/min and accel at 800mm/sec.sec. I increased these values and manually move the machine using DWC, and don't really notice any changes.

  • There isn't a procedure as such because the maximum speeds and accelerations differ from machine to machine. There are numerous factors that determine what is possible including such things as the weights of the various carriages, the characteristics of the stepper motors you are using, the stiffness or otherwise of the frame, etc etc. You could calculate what is theoretically possible but most people start slow and build up gradually, noting any defects in print quality. Note that whatever speeds you put in config.g will be the maxima but the print speed will be determined by whatever values you put in your slicer.

    I can tell you that on my CoreXY with a heavy diamond, I use speeds of 70000 for X and 45000 for Y with accelerations set to 1200. I'd imagine that your carriages are a lot lighter than mine so you could possibly go higher than this but only trial and error will tell you.


  • Thanks for the help! Okay, sounds like trial and error it is. I asked as there is a section in the Wiki that has not been filled in about tuning stuff.

    I have discovered one thing that I should have been obvious. You cannot use DWC to move the motors to see if there's any change in speed unless you change the move speed in Settings-User Interface-Machine. The default speed is limited to 100mm/sec.

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