resettable odometer feature/function?

  • Is there a travel per axis distance variable (cumulative until a reset) that's possibly stored much like an odometer or trip odometer? I'd love to use that somehow to keep track when I should consider lubricating my rails.

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    Moved to firmware wishlist.

  • Sorry about that. I messed up on the catagory selection.

    Looking over my Misumi rails, there's a recommended amount of cumulative movement distance before lubricating. It made me think how would I even know that, then figured that may be a nice and useful feature to have as part of an overall printer utility. This way I can review the aggregate distance traveled by a rail guide, and lubricate accordingly. Maybe even have an editable trigger value that then sends a custom reminder message upon start of the machine or a print.

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    You're not the first to request it. I think it was going to be rolled into a larger update of the logging system.

  • Actual distance moved will vary A LOT by "section" of rail. Much more closer to home and/or closer to the center of the bed. Much less in the corners and/or "far" corner.

    What should the Odo track?

  • I think that linear distance of the carriage would be the best to track, as most of the time for linear rails it's the block that needs lubricated. It would also be good to track other things like the following.

    Distance or kg of material processed per extruder (for scheduled nozzle changes, hob cleaning
    Overall heater-on time per extruder (for scheduled replacement / cleaning of heater or hotend)
    Overall print time for other regular items.

    Seems like something best accomplished by the sbc on the duet3.

  • @Danal I’d want to know cumulatively how many meters of travel the carriage/axis has moved, I would assume as a factor of step count, so that lubrication reminders or milestones can be monitored. Carriages usually have recommended lubrication based on distance.

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