My CNC duet 3 experience

  • I have finally managed to get my Workbee homing properly. I have had a number of issues mainly due to typographical errors in the config.g file. The only way I have been able to track them down is using the program opt/dsf/bin/DuetControlServer as usually the problem has been the duetcontrolserver crashes. The last unsolved error is from the line:-
    M581 X S-1 T0 C0 ; disable trigger for endstop X
    and the error is missing parameter T. However it doesn't prevent the homing operation.
    I have found that the Raspberry Pi gets very hot without a fan and I have had low voltage errors although they haven't affected operation.
    Finally I need a box with fans to put this in so I hope someone will one in the near future

  • @pd said in My CNC duet 3 experience:


    Cool! Keep the posts coming, keep us informed.

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