Target variation in tower spacing for a Delta printer.

  • I am calibrating my newly renovated delta printer ( new metal corner brackets, linear rail to replace wheeled carriages, Smart Effector with Hayden MagBall arms and DuetWiFi ) and in the WiKi it states that the towers should be equidistant top to bottom. But it does not give any sort of error bars for what is reasonable to shoot for in terms of accuracy and precision. Any guidance would be appreciated.

  • It is mostly up to you, and what you believe can be achieved with your hardware.

    For instance, your statements "metal corners", "linear rail", etc, there are things that meet that description that can hold alignment to within the thermal tolerances of the metal (a couple of thousandths inch) and things that meet that description that would be lucky to hold to a 10th of an inch between any two given days.

    So... align and square it as best as your hardware, tools, and patience permit. And move on. There are MANY other things that will affect print quality.

    In fact, I'd say it is more important to re-tighten every nut and bolt after a few weeks and some dozens of hours of operation, more important to do that than go for the last ten thousandth of alignment. Others may disagree, say that I am being to forgiving of potential misalignment... let me point out that I am saying to balance the TIME invested with the results, and spread that time across lots of things that will make the printer better. For another example, diagonal bracing (if your delta doesn't already have it).

    Sorry to not give you a numeric answer.

  • @Danal Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like good advice. As I have been thinking about it some more, uneven belt tension probably will affect the tower distance regardless of how accurate they are in an unstressed state (unless of course the towers are so stiff as to not allow any deflection under belt tension).

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