Z probe change, I would like your opinion!

  • Hello.

    I intend to change my probe Z ... Currently, I have a BLTouch (Chinese copy) that works pretty well, except that often its tip hangs and I have to pull it manually!

    I study 3 solutions:

    • True bltouch.
    • Piezo module v2 0rion
    • IR sensor DC42 (but where to find it?)

    This is where I need your opinion. What do you have as a probe, how did you install it, are you satisfied?
    Any suggestions or recommendations are welcome ...

    Thank you...

  • i build this and am very happy with the results.

  • @Rudy2A said in Z probe change, I would like your opinion!:

    • IR sensor DC42 (but where to find it?)


    Best choice will depend a little on your chosen build surface and if you add any treatments to it.

  • I use an Orion piezo unit. It took me a L O N G time of messing with it before I got good results. There where many an occasion where I wanted to give up and just install a BLTouch. Fortunately I persisted.
    If you are picky and don't mind screwing around with something until you get grey hairs than the piezo is the best choice. If you just want to get on with it and don't mind a bit of variation in the measurements then go with the BLTouch (the real thing)
    The biggest advantage of the piezo is that you have no probe offset so if you change the nozzle it is very easy to re-calibrate with a fraction of the amount of screwing about trying to re-set height offset.

  • Thank you all for your advice ! I will study all this and make my choice!

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