Breakthrough today with the duet

  • So each and everyday i learn a bit more about the duet wifi.
    After switching from G32 to G29 mesh leveling most of my issues disappeared.
    I made a 1 layer stl with 25mm long single extrusion width lines in coordination with the probing spots. I dialed in my z height with baby steps then adjusted the z offset in the G31 command. I use G29 S1 in my starting script and each and every test print i have done tonight has been perfect, even tpu , ninjaflex ! I absolutly love the duet and firmware!!!!

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    Thanks Jim, it's nice to know that our work is appreciated!

  • I completely agree! I am able to print flawless first layers on large parts with a 0.4 nozzle and .2 first layer height and 100% width, Tricklaser delta. Thank you David for all the hard work!

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