SOLVED Delta Home Z just increases

  • Hi, just converted my Anycubic Linear Delta Plus and when I press home it moves up to the top just fine and back down etc but it seems to just keep incrementing the Z position so then all G0/G1 moves fail because Z is above the max height?

    I'm using firmware 2.03 but have tried 2.04RC1/3

    My homedelta.g

    G91                        ; relative positioning
    G1 H1 X320 Y320 Z320 F1500 ; move all towers to the high end stopping at the endstops (first pass)
    G1 H2 X-10 Y-10 Z-10 F1500 ; go down a few mm
    G1 H1 X15 Y15 Z15 F360     ; move all towers up once more (second pass)
    G1 H0 Z-20 F2000              ; move down a few mm so that the nozzle can be centred
    G90                        ; absolute positioning
    G1 H0 X0 Y0 F2000             ; move X+Y to the centre

    My delta params from config:

    ; Delta parameters
    M665 L267.000:267.000:267.000 R133.773 H295.454 B105.0 X1.038 Y0.706 Z0.000
    M666 X-0.496 Y-0.011 Z0.507 A0.00 B0.00

    Its like the G1 H1 move isn't resetting the Z position to max height?


  • Think I've got it. My M574 command used Low end!

    it was

    M574 X1 Y1 Z1 S1


    M574 X2 Y2 Z2 S1

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    @veryevil said in Delta Home Z just increases:

    I'm using firmware 2.03 but have tried 2.04RC1/3

    For a delta you should definitely use the latest 2.04 RC for the delta bug fixes.

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