carriage direction

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  • @swrightlast My experience is when you home at the right-rear, home is X300 Y300 (or whatever the max axis travels are). All absolute movements are still positive. Relative movements could be either sign but if you're homed at X300 Y300, the first relative movement had better be negative. 🙂

  • Hi,

    Well the FT-5 homes toward the "max" end of the X and Y axes.

    So any moves away from the "home position" are going to be towards the "min" end.


  • Where is X0 Y0 and what position ar X and Y when the tool head is at the far right?
    I don't know the Ft-5 but the folks I know who home to the back right do so out of convenience just to get the tool head out of the way. As far as the coordinate space goes, X0 Y0 is still the front left.

    So I guess the real answer is "It depends". 🙂

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