M591 what does it really do?

  • Hi
    I am using a standard filament run out switch and have activated it in the config.g with M591.
    The good thing, the Duet reacts and shows the run out message.
    But it seems that the code in Pause.g is kind of ignored. It runs but display messages M291 with S3 (OK, Cancel) are ignored and the printer starts to run independent of any action from user.
    Additionally the buttons "Pause" and "Resume" are then missing on PanelDue.

    Filament-change.g is empty, and also tested it with renaming the file...no change.

    Duet (2.03) and Panel are on latest released FW.

    What does M591 really do on trigger and what are the priorities?

    Just a hint, while printing the "Pause" button (Panel and DWC) action does what it should do according to macro.

    I hoe someone has a quick idea on how to solve this...


  • I'm not sure all the priorities, etc. but if the macro file is empty surely it shouldn't pause? Try throwing a M25 in the Filament-change.g file to see if it pauses properly when the sensor is triggered.

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