stepper wire issue

  • hi i am tring to wire my nema 17 steppers i purchased from matter hackers to a duet maestro i have the red and green wires as a pair and the yellow blue wires as a pair but i dont know what is a and b. how do i wire them to the maestro i followed the picture but i get the error stepper wire grounding error. i have the red and greeen on outside and blue and yellow on inside.

  • red, green, yellow and blue. pairs side by side

  • Colors vary. Red/Green+Yellow/Blue is one pseudo standard. So is Black/Green + Blue/Red. It can get very confusing.

    To find the coil pairs on (almost) any bipolar (four wire) stepper motor:

    1. Spin the motor with your fingers. Get a good 'feel' for how it spins. A pulley on the motor shaft will help.

    2. Short any two wires. Pinch the bare ends together with your fingers. Spin the motor again. If you have found a pair, the motor will feel much 'stiffer'. It is not subtle; you will know it when you find a coil pair.

    Keep working the variations of two wires, and you will rapidly discover the pairs.

    Once you have the pairs, they can go in the connector with either pair as A vs. B. It will work either way. Reversing A vs. B will reverse the motor... and on duet reversing can also be accomplished in the config.g... so it really doesn't matter.

    The above will work with any color wires.

  • @Danal thanks for the help that worked now i need to change the limit switches from constatnt on to on when the switch is triped

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