Whats the best way to manually control a fan when not printing?

  • I am trying to experiment with different fan configurations for print cooling. I was trying to figure out how to manually turn a fan on last night using the Web Interface and the GCODE Console.

    I think I am missing something, I was thinking I could steal the commands out of some Gcode what works "M106 S127" for example and put them into the Console. I tried many variations of the command with not a peep from the fan. (I was trying to just use the default print cooling fan first that I know works just to make sure)

    Is it possible to control a fan this way? Is there a better way? My guess is there is some sort of initialization I am missing, can someone point me in the correct direction? Thanks!

  • @Miasmictruth M106 Snnn should work because that's what a slicer will put into the gcode file. But it defaults to using fan 0, so if you use some other fan with your tool, then you need to use M106 Pn where "n" is the fan number. And of course, the fan needs to be set to non-thermostatic mode in your config file. Does the fan work with the slider?

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    Post your config.g, or at least the section that shows how your fans are set up. Usually you can control the fans with M106, but it depends... you might have it set up as a thermostatic fan, so it doesn't come on until the hot end is at temperature. I thought M106 would override this, but it may not if you are not explicitly stating the fan pin that you want to turn on with the 'P' value. See the wiring diagram for pin locations and check wiring. Lastly, some fans won't start at half power (S127) so try full power (S255) first, then turn it down.


  • Ok I will post it when I get home tonight. Just a side note my firmware quite a bit out of date. I am in the process of trying to read through all the release notes so I know how to change my config file.

    I did try adding the P parameter in a few of the attempts, I was trying to access the print cooling fan not the hotend fans so in theory it should be non-thermostatic.

  • @Miasmictruth said in Whats the best way to manually control a fan when not printing?:

    M106 S127

    Wow I am sorry I wasted everyone's time. Turns my print cooling fan is dead, I didn't realize that. I moved one of v6 cooling fans over to output and it works just fine.

    Either way thanks for everyone's help at least I knew the commands should work when I went to check it out this time. That helped me realize the issue.

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