Two Different types of end stops for Z axis simultaneously.

  • Hi there,
    I am new to these kinds of work but with the help of this forum learnt something regarding 3d printers. I am using the Duet wifi board. I have been working on a multi-purpose CNC machine and for the 3d printer, I am using Bltouch sensor for the Z-axis. I want to know that is there any way to use a second end stop for the spindle because both of my things mounted together, one in front and other is at the back. I am able to use Bltouch for the 3d printer extruder but how can I use other switch or sensor to zero the spindle Z height because every milling bit has different height and during the change its not possible to install it at same position repeatedly, So for that I need a touch plate, or something else, is it possible to to. Kindly help!!!

  • you can create a macro that disables the bltouch and enables the z endstop.
    executes the moves that homes the spindle
    then disables the z endstop and enables the bltouch.

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