Duex5 fan4 not working

  • Duet wifi and Duex5 in the e3d toolchanger. Just finished assembling it, powered it up and found all hotend and part cooling fans working, EXCEPT fan4. I checked my connections and found the connector at the tool wasn't all the way engaged, so I fixed that but still don't have a working fan4 on the board. I verified it's not my wiring loom or fan by swapping to the wiring and fan to a different fan header. The fan worked perfectly.

    I contacted e3d support and they requested I post here. I realize I can map that fan to, I believe, fan0... but I may need more fans down the road and I'd rather have this board replaced if necessary.

  • administrators

    I'm sorry that you appear to have a faulty fan output on your DueX board. I authorise E3D to replace your DueX5 under warranty.

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