Power off PanelDue backlight

  • Hi, is it possible to turn iff the PanelDue backlight via gcode sleep command e.g.?


  • It dimms after at timout, but cannot currently be turned completely off according to a recent thread on the same topic

  • Hi Bearer, thanks for the reply! It didnt dimm after M84 or M85 but maybe my PanelDue firmware is too old (1.15c) and updating it seems a pain..

  • think the dimming timeout is a timeout set on the PanelDue settings page, and triggered by touch events - but I haven't used it much.

    Not so bad to update, just plug in the usb cable, download the correct Bossa version and copy/paste the bossac commands from the wiki after getting the board into programming mode which is also described on the wiki. (but yeah, compared to uploading a binary on a web page, its a bit of a hassle)

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