Z drivers - 4 motors

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    I have 4 motors for my Z axis because I have a lot of weight on Z (100kg - big machine) and the internal drivers are not enough to control this....

    My idea is to use 2 packs of 2 motors in series and 1 external drivers.. everything with same SET and DIR signals... It's possible to use the F3 connector to send this commands for 2 external drivers ?



  • @jot4p said in Z drivers - 4 motors:

    internal drivers are not enough to control this....

    connecting drivers in parallel halves the voltage for the steppers.

    getting a duex5 is not an option? the firmware allows multiple drivers for the z axis.
    this is used in the Railcore II 300ZL for example.

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    A better approach is to connect the external driver(s) to one or more sets of step/dir/en pins on the expansion connector.

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