Warping PLA Fail

  • Hi,

    I am the relatively new owner of a Kossel XL from T3DP3D and it seems I am stupid enough to get PLA to warp (if deforming fabric abover first layer is still called warping).
    The printer prints small objects quite nicely but I can't get my new project to print correctly.

    First I thought it is a problem of sticking the first layer down so I reduced erros there and now the PLA sticks really nicely directly on glass (bed mesh compensation seems to be really nice).
    But when the print branches out the sides start to warp upwards until the nozzle gets caught too much. Once I nearly got the point where the branches reconnect (with 3 outer shells and no infill) but it did not want to print. I managed to print it once with 40% of the size with the PLA from T3DP3D but at that point I did not have a closer look if there was warping.

    I made some pictures and put them into a folder on google drive here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-oTFOmA7PH-UHg0Snl4RjR0cGs
    The object has a diameter of about 13cm and is about 30cm tall.

    So I tried this options:

    • reduce outer layers to 2

    • removed infill

    • tried to create perpendicular infill to outer layers with Slic3r and Prusa Slic3er and failed (should be called pruslic3er imho XD)

    • tried to keep more heat and disabled parts fan

    • higher temp on first layer so that sticks more and reduced temp on upper layers so that it would hopefully not warp that much

    Unfourtuantely that all failed.
    Can somebody share any tips? Would printing it in PETG help? At first I wanted to print it in PETG but then I was too lazy to switch filaments..

    So thanks for reading, please write any tips you have, have a nice day

  • To me, it looks like the part cooling is not as effective as it should be. In particular, I think that it's cooling one side better than the opposite side. I also have a Kossel XL and have replaced the part cooling fan ducting with something that provides air from more directions rather than just the single direction that the original duct features. I would say that improved it for me although I don't think I yet have an optimal solution. I often have to rotate parts on the build plate to get the most effective cooling. Unfortunately, that's not an option with your current model. In the past, I have just positioned a large fan off to the side of the build plate to move a large volume of air. Incidentally, what temperature are you printing at? Can it be reduced without the quality suffering?

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