Broken microSD slot on new DuetWifi

  • Hello,

    i just got my new DuetWifi today and tried to set it up.
    But after setting up the Wifi, i found, that the board isn't able to access the provided sd card.
    I tried to update the firmware, but that was not possible from the wifi page (probably, because the firmware wants to cache the new firmware on sd card). Therefore, i updated the firmware with the Atmel tool via USB, which worked fine, but didn't help with the sd card.

    The firmware says:
    Cannot initialise SD card 0: Card is unusableRepRapFirmware for Duet WiFi Version 1.18.1 dated 2017-04-09
    Executing default.g (no configuration file found)…Error, not found

    When booting without sd card it says
    Cannot initialise SD card 0: Card not foundRepRapFirmware for Duet WiFi Version 1.18.1 dated 2017-04-09
    Executing default.g (no configuration file found)...Error, not found

    At least it detects if a card is present in the slot.

    So i hooked up my oszilloscope to the pins of the sd card slot.
    All pins show activity during boot, except for pin 2 (Data3).
    I also tested the connection between the contacts in the sd card slot and the smd pads on the pcb with a fine wire.
    Again, no connection on pin 2. So if the firmware accesses the sd card in 4-bit mode it is no wonder, that it is not happy with the data it gets.

    Seems like my DuetWifi was delivered with a broken sd card slot. Probably its possible to exchange the slot, but i would rather not do this on a brand new board.
    I suggest, we arrange a replacement of the board.


  • administrators

    Hi Pascal

    Have you tried a different SD card?


  • Yes, I tried with a different card.
    I also checked both sd cards with chkdsk, and reformatted one card with FAT32 with 32k clusters.
    No success, same error.

  • administrators

    Hi Pascal

    Please contact your reseller for a warranty exchange referencing this forum thread, if you bought it direct from then please send me an email referencing your order number.



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