Duetwifi w/ BLtouch

  • I started off with an Anet A8 Prusa Clone. Soon fried the stepper motor drives on it. So I decide I was going to upgrade but was tired of Chinese junk. I almost went with the Smoothie board but found the Duetwifi much more to my taste. I am currently converting the Anet into a larger printer 300x300x450 print area using 2020 profile and my 12u server case that is my current 3d printer housing. I have liked using the Duetwifi for the ability to modify the software as I haven't written code since my C64 and Basic. I think I have learned more from this board than the build and play Anet A8 board and this forum. The people here are also much nicer.

  • Hello đŸ™‚

    I am going the same way from Anet A8 with BLtouch to Duet wifi

    will you share the files/setup i need to set it up ?

    my Duet wifi card is on the way to me đŸ™‚

    Aluframe AM8 rezized
    My bed is X370 Y370 Z420
    Cilicone heater 800W 220V AC

    Jan Erik

  • check the forum, several have documented all the little quirks of the bl touch models and how to get around them. Whitewolf and CAlvinX are pretty much subject matter experts as far as i am concerned…

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