Cabinet Heater Control

  • Hi, first post so be gentle 🙂

    By way of some background, I have recently converted a Tevo Black Widow to Duet Maestro and am very happy with the improvements. The printer is heavily modified from stock with linear rails, H carriage bearings, E3D Titan Aero and custom CFNylon Hardware.

    This particular printer lives in a custom MDF enclosure in the garage. The enclosure has a 240v 1500w IR heater driven off an SSR by the Duet using BangBang Control. The issue I have is once I am up to temp (60c) the maintenance of the temperature by the controller is quite rapid, i.e, it will flash the heater on and off quite quickly.

    The question I have is.... Is there a way to reduce the frequency of the temperature maintenance or extend the acceptable degrees variance in temperature.

    eg, currently its maintaining 60c +/- 0.2c whereas if I could maintain 60c +/- 2c it would be on and off less frequently and for longer periods of time whcih would better prolong the life of the bulbs.

    Any thoughts?

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    Switch from bang bang to PID. You can alter the PWM frequency as well if it's still too rapid.

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