Seems Mesh Compensation isn’t working?

  • So I have a Artemis. I really wanted to get the magnetic filament sensor working... so I upgraded to 2.03 after researching.

    Immediately I noticed my first layers weren’t as good. And they were perfect.

    So, after trying the old “first probe” macro supplied with the printer, I had the issue with the bed floating in space.

    I solved it by, doing it manually through console. I set the Z offset and added to my config. Then did the Auto bed calibration several times, then saved. Then I did the bed probe and then saved it.

    At first my layer was still not good.

    But after re doing this several times and playing with the offset I got a mostly good layer.

    But now, it seems high in some areas and low in others. I’m fairly certain it’s not using the bed compensation. It has a good heightmap and is calling the heightmap but it’s not compensating.

    It’s close but not perfect.

    Any ideas?

  • Moderator

    There's a delta related bug in 2.03. Try the latest 2.04 RC instead.

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