Mini IR probe (DC42), problem and height map

  • Hello,

    I just installed my mini IR probe (DC42) by following this link:

    No problem, except that now when I'm doing a G29 and look at my map of heights I get this:

    Capture d’écran 2019-11-01 à 14.49.40.png

    On the other hand, the automatic leveling works very well, since despite a deceptive height map, my final printed file is perfect.

    And I admit that I do not know why, because my bed is glass and has a black background. With my BLTouch I had no problem ...

  • administrators

    The front right corner is anomalous and may be connected with bed surface. Is the sensor still over the bed at that point?

    The rest of the height map suggests that your X axis is sagging when the head is in the middle, giving the appearance of the bed bulging up at mid X values.

  • @dc42

    Yes, my probe takes into account the totality of my bed and is not found at any time out of my bed.

    Is this an installation defect, setting where the mini IR probe is more sensitive than the BLTouch ... because when I reinstall my BLTouch my map heights is very acceptable?

    If I start a leveling at the beginning of each print with an automatic correction (G29), I can stay with a bad result of my height map since in the end with G29 my piece will be perfect or it's better to have a flat bed ... and especially why? I also wonder why we still find G32 in the latest version Web Control since apparently it is obsolete and will not be used anymore.

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