Losing WiFi connection with 2.04RC4

  • Hi,

    Using the most firmware 2.04 RC4

    I have no problem connecting via WiFi but at some point (hasn't happened when I have been around) the connection is being lost and I have to push the "reset" button (triggers M999) to be able to re-connect.

    Just thought I would mention it.


  • @fcwilt

    Certainly, the same thing happens to me since I installed the Mac Osx Catalina. Chrome works correctly but Safari loses the connection with the DUET and I have to reload the page in order to get the password correctly. I have the latest version of both firmware and DWC (2.04)
    At home I have a WebCam that I view through DWC and I have seen that if I leave the tab of the webcam activated it does not block and can be in the background indefinitely. I think that the video streaming has DWC enabled in Safari

    It is not a solution but if you have a webcam, here's a little trick

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