Delta calibration issue

  • I just noticed a new issue with G32. Every time I run G32 the first probe point hits the bed pretty hard. All other points seem OK. I updated to 2.04 yesterday but went back to 2.03 with no change so it's back to 2.04.

    This is on a Duet 1.02 with a smart effector. I'm doing a 6 factor 10 point calibration which had been working fine.

    Any ideas?

  • You can adjust the dive height and speeds in "bed.g", if you wish.

  • I assume you mean by adding an M558 command in bed.g?
    But that doesn't explain to me why this only started this morning after updating to 2.04 last night.
    The G32 has been working as expected for months.

  • Ooops, good catch, probing parameters are M558 in config.g

    And, no, I have no idea why a code release would have affected this. Still, were it me, I'd make adjustments and see if it helps.

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    Well there were some bugs in 2.03 with delta calibration.

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