motor phase B may be disconnected reported by driver(s) 3

  • Extrusion missing in particular location in print, extrusion is normal when crosses the region...
    Motor wires changed twice
    checked all the config parameters
    Slow speed, high speed checked

    It was printing normal till 68% after that the extrusion missing started happening (one region of the print alone

    Help required to solve the issue

  • IMG20191102222514.jpg

  • administrators

    Which axis is front to back in that photo? Does the extruder motor move along that axis?

  • Y Axis is front to back, Extruder moves along Y Axis, It was printing on vase mode

    once I pause the print and try to extrude, the motor was vibrating , it was trying to move back and forth

  • [0_1572718564897_VID-20191102-WA0012 copy.mp4](Uploading 100%)

  • shared the video, after the issue, every layer in that portion not getting printed (extruder motor starts rumbling that point and again starts working normal after crossing the region..
    Its happening for all the models...Initial layers are getting printed in-between all of a sudden the extrusion issue pops up..

  • @Milan

    What you're describing (rambling, clicking, not turning) is a tell tale sign of missed steps, which can be caused by disconnected phases.

    You mentioned a cable swap, which is a good start, but this could be a contact error on the motor itself for example.

    If you use a motor with somekind of connector on it, maybe that connector is faulty, or if the motor has leads maybe one of those are broken.

    unlikely, but if the cable is loose (for ex. not ziptied), than it can also be a broken connector on the duet itself revealed only when the cable is at a certain position, flexing the connector a certain way

    If I were you, I would check everything: Connectors, cables, motor, etc. Try to reproduce the error, and start flexing connectors and stuff

  • Its happening exactly on the same points, I've checked duet connectors, cable swap done - need to check the motor connector...
    but how that happens only in those points...

  • it could also be a pinched bowden tube in those positions.

  • @Veti
    Thought about the same thing, but the thread title is motor phase B may be disconnected reported by driver(s) 3 which probably procludes the possibility of a filament jam. Or I misunderstood something 🙂

  • what firmware version are you on?

  • Firmware V2,03

  • i would not dismiss the pinching. it has to be something mechanical, otherwise it would the entire top layer.

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