Bear MK3S with Duet 2 Wifi

  • So I have build my own Bear MK3S style printer with all the extra parts I had around. I picked up a Duet 2 Wifi and Paneldue 7i however never messing with Duet before I am kinda lost if can do this and how hard it would be.

    So it's a Bear frame with mostly MK3S parts. I built a Bear Extruder with Mosquito mod and BL Touch.

    So has anyone done this? How hard?

  • Moderator

    Take a look through this series of guides.

    It's specific to the Ender 3 and Duet Maestro, but it's generally applicable to any i3 cartesian printer and Duet board. It starts with wiring and moves through using the web configurator to get a config set and then commissioning and calibrating the printer. It'll give you an idea of how to begin and has links to further documentation you'll need.

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