Add a "region extrude inhibit"

  • "region extrude inhibit" some times a piece comes off of the bed, if I can do a region extrude inhibit, I can pause the printer, remove the piece that comes off mark a region and inhibit the extrude in that region. when the print finish i can print the piece that fail

  • I'd love this.. not sure how feasible it is though..

  • I hate features like this, because they are designed as bandaids for very serious issues. If these types of features can be implemented without any negative impact, ever, on printing, than I am okay with them… otherwise they have no place in the main branch of the firmware.

  • It's a good thought, but I don't see how you could possibly implement this as something the web interface or PanelDue could actually put into effect on the fly. How do you define the region? How do you know the exact bounding box coordinates of the failed print? I don't think this is a reasonable thing to implement with today's separate slicer and firmware toolchain.

    Better solution: just don't plate up a ton of parts if your bed adhesion isn't tuned properly. Probability of print failure increases exponentially with the number of parts on the build plate.

  • I believe Pronterface has this feature. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but you could hand the firmware a list of X/Y rectangles, and perhaps it could then ignore all moves with an end coordinate within any of the rectangles. I don't know that it's worth implementing, but then I have a flaky printer with a small bed.

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