Telnet, response/feedback when command is complete

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    Is it possible to get feedback when a command has finished?

    I've build some basic macro things in C# (interfacing my duet with telnet) that is currently not possible with the Duets default macro system. Right now I estimate how long time it will take to perform certain tasks and sometimes I'm using M114 to check if a particular part has finished. But when probing etc there is no way to determine when a command/move is finished.

    Maybe there is a way that I'm not aware of that gives a "Done" when the command queue has finished?


  • administrators

    Unless you have disabled marlin compatibility mode, you should get an OK response when each command has either finished processing, or if it is a movement command, been placed in the movement queue. You can wait until the movement queue is empty by sending the M400 command and waiting for the OK response to that.

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