An odd behaviour with delta endstops and how I solved it.

  • So I've had this twice and both times do not know why it happens.

    Homing a delta, for some reason the homing does not work as normal after homing the coordinates are not x0,y0,z445. This then throws everything out, I normally notice as one of the carriages will crash the endstop, or the autocalibration is miles off, or some points are outside of the bed.

    As a way of avoiding the endstop crash I set my homedelta.g file to move down 40mm before going to x0,y0 which gives the carriages some headroom, if they end up going to some other random coordinates instead.

    What solves it is deleting my config_override.g file.

    Its an odd one for sure, as nothing else has changed and its back to to normal after deleting the override which contains nothing about homing.
    Running FW 1.18.1 now but it happened before when I was on 1.17.

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    The usual cause of deltas failing to home correctly is that the XYZ parameters in the first G1 S1 command in config.g are smaller than the maximum carriage travel. So the printer will home correctly from some head positions but not from others.

  • Yeah I used to have this when using the default 350mm, from the kossel mini example config, but I now have 700mm in there, my rails are 800mm long. I used to home, then home again. This is different, next time it happens which could be a while, I'll try to grab some more information.

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    Are you certain that 700mm is far enough, when the nozzle is touching the very edge of the bed, opposite a tower?

  • I'll increase it to 1000mm that will cover it. Thanks.

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