Resurrect, why no button on the DWC

  • There's literally no control, other than making your own macros. Doesn't seem like a "feature" if you have to make it yourself. I know lots of stuff has to be configured via g-code, which is fair, but pretty much anything else you have to do operationally that's a "feature" has a button.

  • @gnydick Alternatively, you could politely ask for a "Resurrect Button" to be included in DWC and post in the wishlist section. You might get a more favourable response.

  • @deckingman OMG, there's no tone in text. I'm just verbose and pedantic, not aggressive. It's always best to assume no bad intent until you know for sure. Otherwise, it's you that's not being polite 😉

    I wasn't saying "WHY'S THERE NO RESURRECT BUTTON ?!?!!?!?!!?" As one engineer to another, I was asking why. There's always a reasonable explanation for things in engineering, no matter how strange they may seem, so I was interested, given it's billed as a "feature", not a "you can do it if you implement it yourself" Just seems like not-accurate description.

  • Hi,

    And what does a "resurrect" button do?

    That's new to me.



  • You can handle power failures gracefully. There's a resurrect function you can configure by filling in the resurrect-prologue.g file.

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