Need help desperately with Ender3 Duet wifi upgrade

  • Can anyone help me with some issues I've worked on for 3 days please? I installed a duet wifi card in my ender 3. For the most part it worked as I can control most of the printer except.. I have a Heater fault error , it says my extruder heater is 2000'C. I looked for a short in the wiring but found none.
    Also I swapped out one fan on the head and before rewiring the fans I tested the always on leads and got 4.13v on both always on positions as well as the next 2 terminals in that row. The 5th terminal reads 0v. I'm at my wifes end and it's taking the fun out of what started out as a really interesting and fun endeavor. Thanks I hope to hear from someone here as I got no one to go to on this matter. Jeff

  • Hi,

    Regards the fans: There is a jumper on the board which selects if 5v or Vin powers fans. The ground connection is PWM and controls the speed of the fan.

    As to the heater issue it's best to post, at least, your config.g file as there may be an error in it causing this problem.


  • Hi thank , i will check those jumpers . heres the config file I had to make it .txt to send it.config.txt

  • M305 P1 X150 T"K" ; Set THERMOCOUPLE parameters for heater 1 X150 is the right channel (terminal block) on the daughterboard. X151 is the right channel.

    Do you have a duet thermocouple daugtherboard?

  • @Veti no daughter board.

  • @abstraktlighting
    then you can not use a thermocouple.

    you will have to use a normal thermistor and change the configuration back.

  • ok thank you